Jack M. Senff (pronounced “sen-eff”) is a singer-songwriter from the rolling hills of Northern Michigan, USA. He trades in a literary, pop-based vernacular informed by his love of old folk rock, country-western, 90’s adult alternative, and a youth spent in the living rooms & basements of the late-00s “do it yourself” punk movement. He is a founding member of pioneering midwestern screamo acts Merchant Ships and William Bonney, as well as the bands Knola, Midwest Pen Pals, North Folk, and Boy Rex.Known for his honest songwriting and heartfelt lyrics, Senff is a proud son of the Skeletal Lightning Records family. Together they have released three albums: 2019’s intimate Good To Know You, 2020’s more vibrant EP These Northwood Blues, and 2022’s rollicking Low Spirit.Always chasing new sounds, 2024 will see Jack M. Senff & his band embark on their next chapter, the so-called Heartland Mission.